Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Return To Labyrinth-Move Poster

 Well, this is my last Labyrinth fan-art illustration.....for now.:)
I hope you enjoyed my little trip through the '80s as much as
I did creating these images that reminds us how fantasy world can
encourage our inner child at any time.
 In this piece, I have the honor to present you the Goblin Prince, Toby,
Sarah, as the princess of Other Worlds, goblins, Hoggle and of course, the
inevitable Goblin King Jareth.
p.s. It is just my narcissistic nature..I hope you don't mind but
I used myself as the reference for the Goblin Prince! :D

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Hello my faerie friends!
As you can see Jareth is back, at least in my imagination he is..
Encouraged by your positive comments I decided to do another Labyrinth
fan-art illustration and remind you all, once again, of an unforgettable
Jim Henson's magical world!
Your positive response is my motivation, so love me, fear me, do as I say and I
will be your slave!

Monday, July 9, 2012


 I have watched the Labyrinth movie half a dozen times as a kid and to be
honest with you it is still one of my favourite movies of all time.
 It is interesting how some people can persistently inspire you through all the
phases of your life. Although I will never get to know you I feel the need to thank
you for showing me the direction of the true creative energy that withstands time.
So thank you Mr.Brian Froud and thank you Mr.David Bowie. You shaped my childhood in
a very unique and unusual way.
 We all know that this movie don't need a new version,but anyway
I took the liberty of drawing the sequel poster so I can feed my imagination with
the illusion of a continuation of the story.
 Briefly, in my version Sarah dethroned Jareth and took his place of dominion over
the magical world of goblins, faeries and other magical creatures...At first knowing
nothing about his sister's dual life, Toby managed to return to the Labyrinth with
a tempting idea to take his place beside Jareth and regain the power of the
Goblin Kingdom.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This year I had a great opportunity to participate in a book 
project with a small number of magnificent artists 
from Serbia! I'm proud and happy to show you some of my brand new
illustrations I did for the book "Serbian Fairytales" that will be published
in September this year.
Get ready for the magic of Petar Meseldzija, Aleksa Gajic, Zeljko Pahek, 
Vladimir Matic, Goran Josic and Vladislav Pantic.
Enjoy my faerie friends!
"Twelve Crumbs":

"King's Brother In Law And The Winged Granny":

Friday, April 13, 2012


I have closed my eyes and this is what He had to say:

"If you ask for freedom, ask yourself if you could handle this powerful
gift. You feel the claws of the material world around you, you feel the
pressure of the system that people made up, but did you know that
you would be lost without that illusion?
 You ask me to give you the clear sight but do you know who is lurking
behind the shadows of your cramped mind?! What victory
have you won and who gave you the strength? You dare to call upon me
without being prepared?
Here you are, show me I'm wrong, show me that you
know how to love without limits, how to be wild and free and then, only
then, I'll show you what I hold in my other hand."

  photo by Bojan Dzodan -

"No Limits"
oil on canvas
40x60cm or  15.7x23.6inches