Wednesday, January 5, 2011


 When working with the faeries, it is important to be aware of the natures of
the different types of beings in that reality.
 This little satyr, for example, is the guardian of the sacred and powerful
place in the spiritual world of Faeries. Behind him is the ring that radiant
the specific power of the spiritual growth and balance. As some of you may know,
the quartz crystal's energy is a grounding energy and when one is more grounded,
one tends to feel more balanced.
  So if you are wondering what kind of secrets this little fella keeps, try to
meditate on the picture, empty your mind and be opened for the magic of other

Many of you thought that this painting is a bit larger:)

Framed and finished!;)

"The Crystal Ring"
     Oil on paper on panel
  21x26 cm or 8.3 x 10.2 inches


  1. You are fantastic! Your work is absolutely lovely, and I'm having a wonderful time reading through your blog. The detail in this piece is amazing. The crystals really seem to shine.

  2. Hey Sara, thanks for leaving a comment;) Really glad you are enjoying the pics, more on the way. ;)

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - I appreciate your encouragement. Your works is really amazing - where did you learn to draw like that! I'm a huge fan of Jean-Baptiste Monge, Brian Fraud and Alan Lee. You are on your way to creating a rich legacy in that same tradition of art.

  4. Wren - To be honest, no one really taught me how to paint or draw, at least no one in this world:P Proud to say I'm an autodidact. Thank you for such a stimulating comment my friend!
    May the faeries be with you.

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